Check out my handy little SVG encoder below! This was inspired by the Dencoder over at Meyerweb (thanks!) which I used quite a bit to get my SVGs ready for use in a stylesheet. It’s pretty simple really – just about 10 lines of Javascript, and I am no Javascript expert!

I’ve added a disclaimer below the form, so don’t go blaming me when it all goes wrong.

Now, give it a whirl by copying and pasting some SVG content created from a package like Illustrator.


Now click on the button below...


Disclaimery stuff

The SVG Encoder is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 License. Do with it what you please (well, within reason), and use at your own risk. I’m afraid I take no responsibility for any data-loss, destruction of hardware, illness or anything else that arises from using this form. Feel free to inspect the code and rip it off as you see fit.