Warning! Not a work related post!

So I went for my annual trip to les Alps last week and managed to come away pretty much unscathed yet again… I don’t really know how I do it because I have had my fair share of close calls.

We stayed with Green Rides (sadly no longer in operation).

We went to La Rosiere in south of France, which is good but a bit small. However, it does have access to La Thuile across the border in Italy. Conditions were great for the first couple of days, but deteriorated a bit at the end, with high winds and icy pistes.

I took that opportunity to teach myself how to ski, and mostly got on pretty well (I am a snowboarder at heart though).

Here’s a video of one day’s highlights, courtesy of my boarder/chalet-friends Jonathan and Nigel (That’s me in the orange jacket!)

Oh well, back to work now to pay for it all…