Here’s a list of some of my favourite javascript plugins. It’s not my definitive list because there are probably some I can’t remember right now… but it’s a start! It definitely has the ones that stick out in my mind for being great to work with or really feature packed.

The list

Slick (slider)

Billed as “the last slider you’ll ever need”… And that may just be right. I certainly haven’t found one as flexible and easy to work with since I’ve started working with it.

Ladda (buttons)

Add some class to your site with fancy button activation animations. Great for usability to let people know that your site is ‘working’. Even better when you hook up to AJAX and turn your buttons into progress indicators. Easy to set up, and quite a few different options.

Mixitup (filterable UI thingy)

Filter a grid/masonry layout with smooth animation. Always looks great in my opinion.

Magnific (pop-up gallery)

Can’t really think how better to describe it than I already have: If you have a gallery, you can easily integrate a nice looking pop-up. Magnific is also pretty light-weight.

Parsley (form validation)

Client-side form validation that works really well and is pretty easy to get up and running with the defaults. What I really liked about it was the customisation possibilities, which are pretty much limitless – As long as you can make a function return a ‘false’ you can validate for that. Just a shame the documentation takes a bit of getting your head around…

MatchHeight (match element sizes)

In the absence of flexbox layouts, this can be very handy alternative.

Tweetie (Twitter feed)

Add tweets to your site easily and without relying on the Twitter styling and default interface.

Instafeed (Instagram feed)

Useful for displaying a selection of your latest Instagram posts.