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SVG encoder (né URL encoder)

I use SVGs quite a bit in my projects for elements like logos, icons, spinners/loaders basically anything I can get away with. When using them in my CSS as background images, there are a couple of things to note, which caused me some head-scratching, and slightly slows down my build process: Internet Explorer (what else?) … Continued

Really useful JavaScript plugins list 1

Here’s a list of some of my favourite javascript plugins. It’s not my definitive list because there are probably some I can’t remember right now… but it’s a start! It definitely has the ones that stick out in my mind for being great to work with or really feature packed. The list Slick (slider) Billed … Continued

Nice and easy AJAX for WordPress

So in this post I am going to describe the basics of creating a nice easy AJAX modal window in a WordPress site. When I first started playing around with AJAX I found it quite difficult to achieve something that sounded like it should have been relatively simple: I just wanted to load some content … Continued