Targetting Targets with CSS!

Here’s a tiny, tiny CSS micro-snippet which I found and just had to share… We all know about using a hash anchor link to jump down a page to a specific element. You know: Well, did you also know that you can target this element in CSS which you have just jumped to using a … Continued

SVG encoder (né URL encoder)

I use SVGs quite a bit in my projects for elements like logos, icons, spinners/loaders basically anything I can get away with. When using them in my CSS as background images, there are a couple of things to note, which caused me some head-scratching, and slightly slows down my build process: Internet Explorer (what else?) … Continued

What is alt text and why is it important for your website?

Alt text stands for alternative text but is also commonly referred to as alt attributes, alt descriptions and alt tags (even though it is technically not a tag). Alternative text lives in the code of a web page and it should describe what the image is and its function. <img src=”filename.jpg” alt=”A description of the … Continued

Really useful JavaScript plugins list 1

Here’s a list of some of my favourite javascript plugins. It’s not my definitive list because there are probably some I can’t remember right now… but it’s a start! It definitely has the ones that stick out in my mind for being great to work with or really feature packed. The list Slick (slider) Billed … Continued

Nice and easy AJAX for WordPress

So in this post I am going to describe the basics of creating a nice easy AJAX modal window in a WordPress site. When I first started playing around with AJAX I found it quite difficult to achieve something that sounded like it should have been relatively simple: I just wanted to load some content … Continued

Top 8 free stock photo websites

As a content editor, I have spent many hours searching for free stock photos to jazz up blog posts, accentuate tweets and illustrate news articles. It can be a challenge to a) find an image that’s not really cheesy and b) find one that is royalty free and can be used for commercial purposes. Hint: … Continued

Fun in the snow!

Warning! Not a work related post! So I went for my annual trip to les Alps last week and managed to come away pretty much unscathed yet again… I don’t really know how I do it because I have had my fair share of close calls. We stayed with Green Rides (sadly no longer in … Continued

Getting started with Sage 9 – Part 1

I have been using Sage 8 for a little while now to power some of my WordPress projects. I really liked the Gulp and Bower aspects and, while it took a bit of fiddling around to get a nice base theme for my projects, it was worth it in the long run. Now that the … Continued

Jazz up your Google Maps

Sometimes a handy little web app will come along which is useful and fun to use. Well, maybe fun for a map-geek like me. This is one of my faves right now. Yeah, it’s probably been knocking about for a while, but it’s new(ish) for me. It’s called Snazzy Maps. We’ve all had those web … Continued